Planting Seeds

Posted: January 28, 2012 by ivanvania in January 2012
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is a non verbal performance about forgotten things using our forgotten senses, which consists of four omnibus stories, questioning about the things that we believe without even a doubt.

Are you really yourself? Is it a real love? Is it a choice that you really choose by yourself?
We all have had too much “education” for too long. Some education leads us to good direction, but some education makes us forget ourselves, our own feeling and our own idea. In order to be good students, good persons, we are made to forget something deep inside. Likewise, we forget other senses because of language. Language has the power that dominated any other senses which made us trust it much more than our feeling.

In Korea, means a filly – a young horse. It is the performance for discovering amateurism. Real amateurism doesn’t only mean premature, but like filly, it is energetic, free and curious…

We don’t want only adult horses.

30.1.2012 (一 Mon)
Sir Run Run Shaw Hall, Chinese University

索取門票 Ticket Reservation
[[ / 97478878 ]]
請列明以下資料:i) 姓名 ii) 電話 iii) 電郵 iv) 門票數量

Please indicate the following:
i) Name ii) Phone no. iii) Email iv) No. of Tickets

中大人士報名請電 3943 7857 或電郵
For students and staff of Chinese University of Hong Kong,
please call 3943 7857 or email to

Limited tickets, first-come-first-served

查詢 Enquiries
電話 Tel: 9747 8878 | 電郵 Email: |
網頁 website: | Facebook: PlantingSeed



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