ONE LOVE (graffiti exhibition with Kongo and Ceet)

Posted: May 4, 2012 by kennyming in May 2012
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Via: Ceet Fouad

Wednesday 16 May 20122, 18:00 to 21:00, at Central Plaza, Hong Kong.

Chokoli Strawberry & Women lawyer association present : ONE LOVE Exhibition

Originates from the often colloquial art form and practice, graffiti has evolved from vandalism act on the street to an art form being showcased in exhibition halls. Art has a long history of being a form of civilization which was born out of distaste, but then shines upon humanity in some other time. Leonardo, Monet and Picasso have once been the outcasts of their time. CEET and KONGO are no different.

Bonded by the love of art and growing up together, CEET and KONGO are among the originators of the French graffiti movement to transform art from a mere expression of culture to a tool for sharing love and care to others. The very essence of ONE LOVE is demonstrated by the shared values of their inseparable path. With CEET’s 3D representation of KONGO’s strong colors, the pieces would depict how LOVE can transform the criticism, incoherence, and nonstandard presentation to an unique form of art. They are also the embodiment of the personality and perspectives of the pair. With the help of HK Federation of Women Lawyers (, The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention ( and Sky City Church ( and other caring organizations and corporations, CEET and KONGO are able to use graffiti art to help underpriviledged artistic talents and to demonstrate love and care for the underpriviledged in the community.

And the narrative starts being told here, in Hong Kong.


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