HANDOVER HALLELUJAH III Three Day Music Festival @ The Wanch

Posted: May 6, 2012 by ivanvania in July 2012, June 2012
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THIRD edition of this particular music festival, held by THE WANCH. It´s a three day event from the afternoon of Sat 30 June through until closing time on Mon 2 July. If they have enough acts, may even start early on Fri 29 June !

The format will be essentially the same as in previous years, which basically means:

1. Solo acts, bands, covers, originals, all styles of music welcome.

2. Each act will get a 30 minutes slot with 15 minute changeover time between acts.

3. There won’t be any performance fees but every performer will get one of this year’s Handover Hallelujah T-shirts and drinks vouchers.

If you would like to take part in Handover Hallelujah III, either leave a post on this event page, send a FB message or e-mail thewanch@live.com.

They’ll be accepting applications up to 31 May and will circulate the first draft of the schedule in early June.

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